Lesser known Donald Trump facts: At 13 parents wanted him to behave

We all know he’s now the US president-elect. But do you know he has his own board game? And do you know he was a registered democrat for eight years? Do you think you want to know more?

Eight years of Democratic governance ends as Donald Trump got elected as the United States 45th President. The US presidential elections have stirred the world for a while now and now, after the results, it will continue to do so.

Trump’s triumph over Hillary Clinton was not expected by many, however, he beat the odds today. Newspapers broke the headlines, internet cracked, people reacted, and a lot is going on as we type and read.

We have collected a few lesser known facts about Donald Trump which are quite amusing. Why not understand that new President better?

  1. Donald Trump doesn’t drink. In 1982, Trump’s older brother Fred Trump passed away because of his alcohol addiction.
  2. If Donald Trump had not been into real estate, he’d still be a rich man as he would have inherited his father’s legacy.
  3. It’s not the first time he ran for the president. In 2000, he won the California Presidential Primary for the Reform Party of United States, country’s third largest party.
  4. He’s a grade A germophobe. His obsession with cleanliness has made him famous for his high-fives as well.
  5. Trump has his own board game called Trump: The Game. The tagline of the game apparently is “I’m back and you’re fired!”. However, it was later discontinued in 1989 only to be reintroduced soon, considering the fame of his reality show “The Apprentice”. He made $3,75,000 (Rs 2,50,00,000 approximately) per episode. He has even filed a trademark application for the phrase “You’re fired!”, which is used in the very same board game.
  6. For the same reality show The Apprentice, he has gotten his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as well.
  7. His wife Melania Trump seems to be a hairdresser, at least for her husband Donald Trump, who gets his haircut only from her. Also Trump’s hair is real.
  8. Now the US president-elect from the Republican Party, he once was a registered Democrat between 2001 – 2009.
  9. Trump’s parents wanted him to be more disciplined and they sent him to New York Military School when he was 13.
  10. When a petition was signed by over 2,50,000 people to restrict his entry, the British Parliament was sceptical whether to permit Trump to enter the nation or not.
  11. He is oversensitive about the size of his fingers. He usually sends American journalist Graydon Carter pictures of his hands circled with gold sharpie and tracings of his hands, proving that his fingers are not short.
  12. In 1990, he won The Golden Raspberry Award (GRA) or Razzie, for the worst supporting actor for his role in “Ghost Can’t Do It”.
  13. Trump also holds an 18-bedroom waterfront palace in Palm Beach, Florida, known as Trump Palace, being the most expensive real estate in the nation.
  14. In 1984, he owned New Jersey Generals of the United States Football League (USFL).
  15. In the year 2002, Trump and NBC got into a limited agreement according to which he was an equal partner in the Miss Universe franchise.
  16. Trump blow-dries his hair to get his infamous hairdo combing it back to don the familiar face.
  17. In the year 2004, he was quoted by The Daily News as saying, “All of the women on The Apprentice flirted with me either deliberately or non-deliberately”. And according to many, it’s a proof of his self-confidence. Sigh!
  18. Once he said he does not want ‘black people counting his money’ in his book Trumped! John O’Connell, a former resident of the Trump Plaza hotel, even mentioned that Trump went on a rant complaining that he had black accountants who were counting his money at Trump Castle and Trump Plaza.
  19. While doing an interview with Conan O’Brien, Trump claimed that he had never used an ATM machine to withdraw money. Well, it does seem true as he doesn’t carry a wallet or a debit card, because he is always surrounded by his people who do it for him.




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